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 Health Issues with Bed Bugs

Just as it is usually the case with almost all the household insects and pests, there have been speculations causing serious agitation and concern as to whether or not Bed bugs infestation and bites could pose serious effect to ones health; a quick look at this write up will give us a little insight to that.

Studies have shown that Bed bugs are infected by, at least, 28 human pathogens, but there had been no clear prove or study that has stated that the insect is able to transmit those pathogens to humans. Bed bugs can cause health related effects like skin rashes, psychological effects and some certain allergic symptoms; their bites or cimicosis may develop into a range of skin manifestations ranging from effects which are not physically visible such itching to ones that are obvious like blisters and skin inflammation.

Diagnosis involves finding and verifying the bed bugs types and looking out for symptoms compatible with such. Elimination of Bed bugs also forms a part of the treatment, and thereafter measures to help treating the symptoms to arriving at a complete resolution. Drugs such as Antihistamines and corticosteroids may be administered to reduce allergic reactions that may result from Bed bugs bite. Antibiotics and antiseptics could also be given to prevent infections.

As earlier mentioned that Bed bugs, naturally, have not be proven to transmit diseases, they nevertheless can reduce quality of life as they can cause discomfort, anxiety, sleeplessness, and embarrassment to people. And therefore, coping with the menace of Bed bugs can have a significant impact on the emotions and well-being of certain people.

From the experience I shared, during those times, I was never diagnosed of having a Bed bug related ailment aside the normal itching, swelling, sleeplessness and some fear of being embarrassed if one suddenly crawls out of my clothes in a Public Bus!